HO – 53′ GSC Bulkhead Flatcar — Soo Line #5927

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53′ GSC Bulkhead Flatcar – Ready to Run
WalthersMainline #5914
UPC: 616374168323

Soo Line #5927 (white, black, green)
Walthers Part # 910-5914
HO scale,  sold out at Walthers

One of the most versatile cars ever built, the WalthersMainline 53′ General Steel Castings (GSC) Bulkhead Flatcar makes it easy to model these popular prototypes. Equipped with end bulkheads to prevent loads like lumber, pipe and more from shifting in transit, features of this detailed HO Bulkhead Flatcar include:

    • One-time run of these car numbers, limited quantity available, order now!
    • Now with die cast metal body for excellent performance empty or loaded
    • Limited-edition – one-time run of these car numbers!

Prototypes in service from 1950s to early 2000s – some in work train service today

  • Used to carry lumber, utility poles, pipe, steel shapes, rail and various building materials
  • Fully asembled with finely detailed body, deck and bulkheads
  • Correct 33″ RP-25 metal wheelsets
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers
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