HO – Gunderson Multi-Max Enclosed Auto Rack — Canadian Pacific SOO #519027

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Gunderson Multi-Max Enclosed Auto Rack – Ready to Run – Master(R)
Atlas Model Railroad Co. #20005666
UPC: 843069151623
Canadian Pacific SOO #519027 (white, silver, red)
HO scale,The Atlas Master HO Scale Gunderson Multi-Max Enclosed Auto Rack is based on the popular automobile carriers introduced in 2013 by Greenbrier. This design allows for changing configurations from a bi-level to a tri-level (and back) without adding or removing decks. The racks are fully compatible with existing 89′ auto racks. Most of the racks have been built on Greenbrier Companies’ own specially designed 89′ flatcars. Commonly seen in cuts of other similar autorack cars or in solid trains, almost 10,000 cars (with racks) are running on North American rails in 2019 with more on the way. This model features accurate details, four body variations, detailed side screens, appropriate trucks with free-rolling blackened-metal wheelsets, fine paint, crisp lettering and metal magnetic knuckle couplers. The Gunderson Multi-Max Enclosed Auto Rack is perfect for your contemporary freight consists.
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