HO – 89′ Thrall Bi-Level Auto Carrier — Canadian Pacific Rack, TTGX Flatcar #973707

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89′ Thrall Bi-Level Auto Carrier – Ready To Run
WalthersProto #101328
UPC: 616374167203

Canadian Pacific Rack, TTGX Flatcar #973707 (black, silver; yellow Flat)
Walthers Part # 920-101328
HO scale,

Chances are your new mini-van, light truck, SUV or crossover took it’s first long trip by train aboard a Bi-Level Autorack like this WalthersProto replica! Introduced in the late 1970s as demand for pick ups and similar vehicles increased, these 89′ 6″ (27.2m) flatcars were fitted with racks with just two decks to provide more interior space for higher profile vehicles. A key part of Walthers Auto Series, these highly detailed and fully assembled HO models feature:

    • Factory-installed grab irons
    • Separately-applied ladders and brake equipment
    • Ultra-smooth rolling metal axles with 33″ wheelsets
    • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplersPLEASE NOTE: As WalthersProto Auto Racks are the correct prototype length, a minimum 24″ radius is recommended for operation.
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