Morning Sun book : 1950s Freight Car Color Guide Volume 1: Box Cars

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The 1950s are arguably the classic era for freight cars, pre-dating the mergers that would erase many venerable roads and leave us with new names such as Penn Central, Seaboard Coast Lines, and Erie-Lackawanna. In the 1950s, “boxcar red” was everywhere, but colorful new paint schemes were arriving and turning heads. It was the final decade of friction bearings and roofwalks, and the ultimate years of stock cars, ice-bunker refrigerator cars, and even the XM 40′ boxcar! Item #1741 – 128 Pages, All Color, $69.95 US
1950s Freight Car Color Guide Volume 1: Box Cars<br><i><small>February 1, 2022 Release</small></i> 1950s Freight Car Color Guide Volume 1: Box Cars<br><i><small>February 1, 2022 Release</small></i> 1950s Freight Car Color Guide Volume 1: Box Cars<br><i><small>February 1, 2022 Release</small></i>



Vive l’isolement… Quand y fait “frête”! // Easy distancing when it’s SOOO cold!

Bonjour à tous,

Je suis curieux, quand il fait un grand froid comme celui qu’on vit présenetement, sur quoi vous travaillez présentement ?  Pour ma part, j’entreprends un travail de plusieurs heures, que mes filles m’ont imposées! ☺  Oui, oui, mes deux filles (7 et 9 ans) ont décidéés, je ne suis même plus le boss de mon réseau! ☺ Comme je modèle une petite partie de la ville de Magog, je dois produire l’endroit où leur maman travail!  En plus, dans la vrai vie et tout comme sur mon réseau, la voie passe juste en arrière (mais ne déssert pas la boulangerie).  Je ne peux même pas faire un “kitbash” pour accélérer le projet, il n’y a pas de kit qui existe avec ce style assez particulier (la photo du modèle est en haut à droite).  Par chance, Pikestuff offre un bon départ et toute les “texture” sont disponibles pour ce projet de “scratchbuilding”. Si vous désirez partager vos projets, vous pouvez écrire des commentaires à cet article ou me les envoyer par courriel…

Hello everyone,

I’m curious, when it’s very cold like the one we’re currently experiencing, what are you working on now?  For my part, I undertake a project of several hours, which my daughters imposed on me! ☺ Yes, yes, my two daughters (7 and 9 years old) have decided, I’m not even the boss of my layout anymore! ☺ As I model a small part of the city of Magog, I have to produce the place where their mom works!  In addition, in real life and just like on my layout, the track goes just behind (but does not serve the bakery). I can’t even do a “kitbash” to speed up the project, there is no kit that exists with this rather particular style (the photo of the model is at the top right). Luckily, Pikestuff offers a good start and all the “textures” are available for this scratchbuilding project. If you want to share your projects, you can write comments to this article or send them to me by email…


Philippe Hébert

New Book – Bytown : Canadian Trackside Guide 2022

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The only comprehensive guide to Canadian railways, including US-based operations, will be available in early-April 2022
    * 5½” x 8½”, soft cover, 768 pages, seven colour photographs on covers.    * Locomotives of CN, CP, VIA Rail, Regional and Shortline Railways, plus details of all Industrial Locomotives, Urban Rail Transit, Passenger Cars, Cabooses, Work Service Cars and other Non-Revenue Equipment.    * Details of Preserved Canadian Locomotives and Equipment.    * VIA Rail, Commuter and Excursion Train Schedules.    * Reporting Marks as assigned by the Association of American Railroads.    * Subdivision details for all Canadian railways, station names, mileposts, radio frequencies, talking detector locations, signal and whistle indications in colour, and detailed colour maps of major rail centres.    * Train Numbers.
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