Rapido : HO motor/decoder update

HO Scale Motors
As we have shared in our newsletter and YouTube channel, we’ve had a larger than normal number of faulty motors and motherboards in some recent locomotive models delivered by one of our factories. Please assure your customers that this has been dealt with. We have changed suppliers for our motherboards and our motors and we will ensure that all new models – starting with the FA-2 and FB-2 arriving next month – have rock-solid drive systems for which Rapido has been known. We are also working with ESU to ensure their V5 decoder settings do not cause any problems for our motors.
TCS Decoders
Speaking of decoders, we also want to assure your customers that our models equipped with TCS decoders will work like our ESU-equipped models. We are not using TCS WowSound decoders. We are developing a new decoder with TCS that is tailored to our needs. Before the M420 final order deadline we will upload a YouTube video comparing our ESU-equipped models and TCS-equipped models to reassure our customers that the new decoders will exceed their expectations.

Woodland Scenics new Utility System

The new Utility System allows you to install utility poles to your layout in minutes. The Pre-Wired Poles are simple to install and enhance the realism of any layout. This system includes lots of details, such as guy wires, transformers, and both single and double crossbars.

Everything is already hand-painted and weathered for authenticity. The system is designed to work together, with placement in mind, so there’s no guesswork for you. Simply drill holes, then slide the poles and plant them in place.

HO – Pre-Wired Poles – Utility System — Connector Set ***deposit for pre-order***

HO – Pre-Wired Poles – Utility System — Double Crossbar ***deposit for pre-order***

HO – Pre-Wired Poles – Utility System — Single Crossbar ***deposit for pre-order***

Sprinfield (MA) “post mortem”

Bonjour à tous,
étant de retour de Springfield (MA), voici en vidéo, un post mortem de ce que j’ai vu et appris.  Le texte est seulement en anglais, si vous avez des questions, écrivez-moi.
Hello everyone,

I’m back from the Springfield show (MA).  Here’s a video of what I saw and learned.

Philippe Hébert
Club Train Direct

Cool new feature on my website… Nouvel outil “cool” sur mon site.

I’ve work hade this week, adding new coding on my website, to give you one more option (especially for those of you who live outside Canada).  When you are browsing my site, you can use the drop down menu (next to the Canadian flag, and do a live conversion to some famous currencies.  The exchage rate is base on Google finance data (update twice a day) and I added some iden fees, just like any bank charge you when you do a trade… By doing so, the price you see, is not the “prefered” exchange rate that nobody can actually get, but the one that “real people” pay…  So you can make a well informed decision.  However, when it come’s time to pay an invoice, the final sale will still be in CAD$, and Paypal will take care of the trade in currencies, like they always done, without overcharging enormous fees like some bank do.  I hope you enjoy this. ☺
J’ai travaillé fort cette semaine, pour ajouter des lignes de code à mon site, qui vous donne la possibilité (en cliquand sur le menu désoulant à côté du drapeau canadien) de changer la device en devise les plus souvant demandées par vous…  Je me sers de la base de donnée Google finance (mise à jour 2 fois par jour) et j’ai ajouté des frais cachés comme toutes les banques font.  Comme ceci, vous prendrai une décision éclairé, avec un prix d’échange réaliste et non le taux préférentiel que personne ne peut avoir.  Toutefois, quand vient le temps de payer une commande, le montant réclammé sera en $CAD et Paypal s’occupera de l’échange en votre devise, sans trop chargé de frais comme certaine banque font…  J’espère que vous allez apprécier ! ☺