Brekina Model : June 2024 Flyer

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HO – 1960s-1970s Dodge S 600 Bus – Assembled — School Bus

HO – 1981 GMC Sierra Grande Pickup Truck — Colt Edition

Rapido News 185 – Rapido Mobilizes with Big GEs, Military Flats and Much, Much More!

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HO Scale New Look Suburban “Fishbowl” Bus

Bus-a-palooza! I don’t know why we said that either, but I do know the HO Scale New Look “Suburban” Buses are nearing their order deadline on June 17th. Buckle up for a quick look at these. Did we mention Jason loves buses? We had to go deep into the archives to find that photo above, but we figured despite it having not a lot to do with this run of buses we just had to share again.

Rapido New Look Bus

Check out those lights! And that’s a model of our own (…)

Iconics Replicas : New buses and new one arriving…

Bonjour à tous, voici les autobus qui viennent d’arriver. (cliquez les images pour les détails)
Hello everyone, here are the latest buses that arrived. (click on the images for details)

Selon la dernière infolettre de Iconic Replicas, ces autobus DEVRAIENT arriver en avril 2024 :
As per the latest newsletter from Iconic Replicas, these buses SHOULD arrive in April 2024 :

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Iconic Replicas new annoucement / Newest catalog Q1-2024

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