Walthers special announcement!


Special Announcement!

Wm. K. Walthers, Inc. is proud to announce that we have purchased Chooch Enterprises and that Chooch is now a member of the Walthers family of products!

The product line has found a great home with Walthers; as a significant distributor of the Chooch line, Walthers is uniquely poised to take on ownership of the portfolio and put the energy of the Walthers brand behind it bringing these exceptional products forward. We appreciate and value the creativity of Mike O’Connell and wish him well in retirement. Walthers will continue to market and sell product under the Chooch name.

Atlas Acquires True Line Trains Molds

Hillside, NJ – Atlas Model Railroad Company, Inc. is proud to announce that it has purchased certain molds and tooling from True Line Trains of Ontario, Canada.

Models in this acquisition include in HO scale the C-Liner and RS18 Locomotives, the Slab Side Covered Hopper, the 50′ Newsprint Freight Car, the Fowler Stock Car, the Bulkhead Flat Car,  the CN/CP Caboose and the 40′ AAR Box Car. In N scale, Atlas has acquired the C424 and GP9 Locomotives.

“True Line Trains made some great models over the years that we are excited to now produce under the Atlas name,” said Paul Graf, CEO of Atlas. “They will fit right in with the other high quality model railroad products we make in HO & N scale.”

The first model to be run from the new tooling will be the HO Slab Side Covered Hopper, which can be found in the August/September 2020 All Scales Catalog.

Formerly known as Life-Like of Canada, True Line Trains was started in 2003 after the purchase of Life-Like by Walthers. They produced HO and N scale models of Canadian and US prototypes.

Founded in 1924 and incorporated in 1949 as Atlas Tool Co. Inc., present day Atlas Model Railroad Co. produces locomotives, rolling stock, track, and accessories in N, HO and O scales for its Atlas Master, Atlas Classic, Trainman, and Atlas O lines.

Text taken from : https://shop.atlasrr.com/b-atlas-acquires-true-line-trains-molds.aspx

Click here to see the latest annoucement from Atlas.

Pre-order from this annoucement (within 3 weeks) and get a 10% discount.

These (slab-side car below) are made from the same mould of True Line Trains (ex – Life-Like Canada), just like beeing announce above.

Update : My “distancing” / Mise à jour de mon “isolement”

Hello everyone. Following up on discussions with some of you, here’s where my project is at (Previously posted: https://clubtraindirect.com/my-distancing-mon-isolement/ & and while the girls play, me too: https://clubtraindirect.com/when-its-to-hot-%e2%98%80-quand-il-fait-trop-chaud/) When it’s too hot to work outside, I go downstairs to play with it my own trains (which evolves more quickly in the summer, in my case). Finally, grass!!! We can start to forget the plywood emporium! 🙂 The double bridge on the left is still not finished. It is progressing well, all that remains is to color “the road” and glue the decks to the pillars. The most difficult of this achievement does not even appear in these pictures: backdrop, ballast and greenery in the first 12 inches of the tunnel created by the helix. If you wish to share your projects, you can write comments to this article or send them to me by email…
Bonjour à vous tous.  Pour faire suite à des discussions avec certain d’entre vous, voici où mon projet est rendu (Publié précédemment : https://clubtraindirect.com/my-distancing-mon-isolement/  & et pendant que les filles jouent, moi aussi : https://clubtraindirect.com/when-its-to-hot-%e2%98%80-quand-il-fait-trop-chaud/)  Quand il fait trop chaud pour travailler dehors, je descends en bas jouer avec mes trains (qui évolue plus rapidement l’été, dans mon cas).  Enfin, du gazon!!!  On oublie l’empire du contre-plaqué! 🙂  Le double pont à gauche n’est toujours pas terminé, il avance bien, il ne reste qu’à mettre “la route” en couleur et coller les tabliers aux piliers.  Le plus difficile de cette réalisation ne parait même pas dans ces photos : “backdrop”, ballast et verdure dans le premier 12 pouces du tunnel créé par l’hélix.  Si vous désirez partager vos projets, vous pouvez écrire des commentaires à cet article ou me les envoyer par courriel…


Philippe Hébert

When it’s to hot! ☀ Quand il fait trop chaud!

Quand il fait trop chaud pour jouer dehors ou qu’il y a trop de monde à la plage ? On descent au sous-sol et on fait comme si c’était le congé de Noël… 😁 Playmobile, Lego et train, en route vers l’imaginaire! 🤩

When to hot to play outside or to many people at the beach ?  We go down in the basement and pretend like it’s Chrismas vacation…  😁 Playmobile, Lego and train, an imaginairy trip begin! 🤩