Modelflex Paint – 1oz 29.6mL — Rail Brown

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Modelflex Paint – 1 Ounce
Badger Air Brush Co #16-175
UPC: 047459161753
Rail Brown
Walthers Part # 165-16175,
A scale,

As per Testor website article (from THE Model Railroad Hobbyist’s – Guide to acrylic painting … in a post-Floquil world, By Joe Fugate – Click to read), this product is a direct replacement for : Floquil – PollyScale “Rail Brown” 414416 or Model Master 4708.

If you’re not satisfied until every detail is perfect,then letMODELflex®bring your models to life.It is a superior hobbypaint designed to help modelers achieve authentic,professional painting results,with greater ease and proficiency.Waterbased MODELflex®is easy to apply with an airbrush orpaint brush and clean-up is fast and easy with MODELflex®cleaner.MODELflex®paint dries in 12 to 15 minutes atroom temperature (3 to 5 minutes if heat dried).With 120authentic colors to choose from,MODELflex®has youcovered no matter what you model.

– Available in 1oz.(30ml) plastic bottles
– Made of high-quality organic pigments for superior colorretention and color fastness
– MODELflex®offers extreme fine-coat coverage withoutconcealing intricate details
-Primers are not required with most colors (primers arerecommended with lighter colors)
– Superior adhesion to most plastics,resins,metals andvarious other substrates.
– Paint may be removed with MODELflex®cleaner withinfive minutes of application
– Decaling and detailing may begin in 15 minutes if heat driedjEnvironmentally friendly,safe to use,non- flammable,non-carcinogenic

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