HO 59′ 4-Bay Cylindrical Covered Hopper w/Round Hatches – Ready to Run — Government of Canada CNWX #110164

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Intermountain Railway Company
59′ 4-Bay Cylindrical Covered Hopper – Trough Hatch Version – Ready to Run
Intermountain Railway Company #45101-139
UPC: 844201042380

Government of Canada CNWX #110164 (red, yellow, black, white)
HO scale, sold out at Intermountain

These ready-to-run cars feature injection-molded bodies with separately applied metal grab irons and etched metal roofwalks. Cars include trucks and brass wheelsets, weights and magnetic knuckle couplers. Covered hoppers feature etched-metal roofwalks.

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Dimensions 26 × 11 × 5 cm