Flock & Turf Ground Cover ECO Pack Bag — Summer Lawn Blend 48oz 1.4l

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Flock & Turf Ground Cover ECO Pack Bag
Scenic Express #881E
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Summer Lawn Blend 48oz 1.4l
Walthers part # 653-881E
A scale,

SUMMER LAWN BLEND – 48 oz Eco-Pak. A wonderful blend that captures the look of that “late” summer lawn. You can layer this blend with our Green Grass blend allowing you to feather the lawns together, giving it true color match and texture. The 48oz Eco-Pak is a great value for the money. For a bold look, you can feather this blend right up to the forest edge. From there, add a small amount of patches using a contrasting blend. Layering Scrub Grass or another of our forest floor blends will give you a transition to the forest that you can build upon. By incorporating Clump Foliage and some Turf Grass, you can achieve that “slightly forgotten” look to the scene. For an even less manicured look, go with Wild Grass and Plant Clusters! These two items will add the texture to an area that has not seen care and pruning for years. Layering textures is the key when working with our Flock & Turf products.

Explore the selection of different blends we offer, as well as all the other texture material available to enhance and complete your scene! We recommend a more course blend such as Swamp Bog Blend or Adirondack Blend to be layered over your Summer Lawn Blend, giving it more realistic height and scenic volume. Layering with our different textures will give you the confidence you can build on to enhance your scene.

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