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The colorful 5.6-mile Keeseville, Ausable Chasm & Lake Champlain Railroad hauled several U.S. Presidents, was featured in Silent Film Era serials, and moved heavy granite cornerstones for famous landmarks from 1890 to 1924. For a time, nearly 50,000 annual passengers rode its standard-gauge rails over a spectacular 158-foot-high cantilever bridge above Ausable Chasm. Join us for a memorable journey from Burlington, Vermont’s waterfront, across the Lake, to New York’s Ausable River Valley. James R. “Jim” Jones presents a meticulously researched, 184-page chronicle on the life and times of Lake Champlain navigation, the “Grand Canyon of the East,” Adirondack hotels and industry, two railroads- KAC&LC and D&H, and the region’s highway development.

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