Natural Stone Ballast #40 — Blended – 1 Quart .95L

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Natural Stone Ballast #40
Scenic Express #SE0353
UPC: 646072503539

Blended – 1 Quart .95L
A scale
THE BEST FOR HO! # 40 grade natural stone ballast accurately graded for the most discriminating protoscale modeler! Lightly blended hues for subtle contract. Unlike other ballast, our Scenic Express stone is “sealed” so it will not darken when Matte Medium is applied. Our quart size Shake comes with pour applicator cap!
I personnally use this product to create my own 1990’s CP “Newport Sub” and “Sherbrooke Sub” ballast color mix.  This satisfy my “close enough” approch to the subject, as seen here : 

Mix ratio : 2x 189-7127 for 1x 653-SE0353
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