Flock & Turf Ground Cover ECO Pack Bag — Farm Pasture Blend 48oz 1.4l

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Flock & Turf Ground Cover ECO Pack Bag
Scenic Express #EX886E
UPC: 646074088652

Farm Pasture Blend 48oz 1.4l
Walthers part # 653-886E
A scale

48 oz Eco-Pak. A properly done layout will feature a number of different scenes depicting an assortment of colors. One distinctive “rural” view will be the farm! Our Farm Pasture blend meets the challenge of giving you the rich looking deep soil of a well maintained farm operation. Blended with the foam is just the right amount of fine grass and highlights! The 48oz Eco-Pak is a great value for the money. There are a number of possibilities in a farm or soil rich scene. Layering textures is the key when working with our Flock & Turf products.

The edges of the fields where the crops will grow can merge with bright greens, and the far off edges can meet with the forest floor. Scruffy edges to well maintained vegetation awaits your decision. Start with a thin layer of the Farm Pasture Blend either lying on a flat or slightly elevated base. If it is possible, put a small change in the rise as fields are rarely perfectly flat. Make rows using a small tool as you pile up the rows. Not too high! Once you have the texture to look as you want, you are done. A perfect match for the Farm Pasture Blend is the use of the Vegetable Garden items we have and they are ready to plant. Also, don’t forget the Scarecrow.

In situations where the layout is built on a Grass Mat, the Farm Pasture Blend is great for either a farm field or as a rural dirt road! The Farm Pasture Blend is also useful as a scene setter for a construction site and is also good for layering along the right-of-way where the ballast and grass would feather from either direction.

Explore the selection of different blends we offer as well as all the other texture materials available to enhance and complete your scene! We recommend using the Farm Pasture Blend as the base in a number of scenes while using a complimentary texture on top. Not a contrasting look, one that captures a rural setting would be best.

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