Woodland Scenics new Utility System

The new Utility System allows you to install utility poles to your layout in minutes. The Pre-Wired Poles are simple to install and enhance the realism of any layout. This system includes lots of details, such as guy wires, transformers, and both single and double crossbars.

Everything is already hand-painted and weathered for authenticity. The system is designed to work together, with placement in mind, so there’s no guesswork for you. Simply drill holes, then slide the poles and plant them in place.

HO – Pre-Wired Poles – Utility System — Connector Set ***deposit for pre-order***

HO – Pre-Wired Poles – Utility System — Double Crossbar ***deposit for pre-order***

HO – Pre-Wired Poles – Utility System — Single Crossbar ***deposit for pre-order***

Sprinfield (MA) “post mortem”

Bonjour à tous,
étant de retour de Springfield (MA), voici en vidéo, un post mortem de ce que j’ai vu et appris.  Le texte est seulement en anglais, si vous avez des questions, écrivez-moi.
Hello everyone,

I’m back from the Springfield show (MA).  Here’s a video of what I saw and learned.

Philippe Hébert
Club Train Direct