Rapido : HO motor/decoder update

HO Scale Motors
As we have shared in our newsletter and YouTube channel, we’ve had a larger than normal number of faulty motors and motherboards in some recent locomotive models delivered by one of our factories. Please assure your customers that this has been dealt with. We have changed suppliers for our motherboards and our motors and we will ensure that all new models – starting with the FA-2 and FB-2 arriving next month – have rock-solid drive systems for which Rapido has been known. We are also working with ESU to ensure their V5 decoder settings do not cause any problems for our motors.
TCS Decoders
Speaking of decoders, we also want to assure your customers that our models equipped with TCS decoders will work like our ESU-equipped models. We are not using TCS WowSound decoders. We are developing a new decoder with TCS that is tailored to our needs. Before the M420 final order deadline we will upload a YouTube video comparing our ESU-equipped models and TCS-equipped models to reassure our customers that the new decoders will exceed their expectations.