O – CANADIAN PACIFIC (CPR) K-1A 4-8-4 #3101 (brass)


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Only two K-1 class 4-8-4’s were built by Angus Shops. They were the only 4-8-4’s on the CPR and were especially designed for the heavy Montreal-Toronto night trains. Following dieselization of those trains the pair were assigned to Montreal-St.John NB passenger service however, due to a design feature they were restricted from use in the USA and were therefore operated only as far east as Farnham, Quebec. Later still, they were re-assigned to freight service out of Winnipeg.

Both locomotives were preserved, 3100 at the National Museum in Ottawa and 3101 at IPSCO in Regina, Sask.

Sunset Models is proud to present, this all-brass, fine scale model of the CPR K1s as they were in later years service.

Driven by a huge 9000 series Pittman motor and our steel ball-bearing “Quiet Drive” mechanism, this magnificent Steam engine will grace your layout or display with the vibrant colors of the CPR.

Only 25 of each K-1 was produced.
A collectors dream right out of the box.

All Brass Construction
Fully Detailed Backhead
ERR CRUISE in 3 Rail
TMCC/ Railsounds 4.0
Compatible with Legacy, DCS, TMCC, Conventional Control
Coil Couplers
O72 3 Rail Track

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