HO – Turned, Weathered True Fine Scale Code 88 Wheelsets – 12 Pack (3 Cars)

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TrueLine Trains #900920
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Turned, Weathered True Fine Scale Code 88 Wheelsets – 12 Pack (3 Cars)
HO Scale

All stainless steel turned wheels with stainless steel axles. Not brass plated with nickel silver that will wear over time. Pre-weathered front and back.  We chose NOT to weather the axles becasue that is where electrical pick up can occur for powered cars.

These pre-weathered wheels are REAL Fine Scale Code 88. Most Code 88 wheelsets simply use a narrower tread, but still use a very oversized RP25 flange. This is only typically noticeable from the end of the car.

Our wheelsets use the NMRA Fine:HO RP instead, giving a better appearance but without requiring the modifications to turnouts and crossings as switching to Proto:87 standards. The flange is closer to a true scale representation of the prototype, but will operate on most layouts.

Will they work on your layout?
We’ve been testing them extensively on various commercial turnouts and haven’t had any issues. Newer style turnouts (like Micro Engineering) are actually set up with shallower frogs and work better with true Code 88 wheelsets. RP25 flanges ride higher on these types of turnouts.

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