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Walthers Cornerstone
Roof Details
Walthers Cornerstone #3733
UPC: 616374037629

Walthers Part # 933-3733
HO scale,

Download the Instruction Sheet (1851 K bytes, PDF format)The Walthers Cornerstone HO Scale Roof Details set includes parts to add realism and interest to the most visible part of your structures. This set of building details includes parts to build the details in the list below. All parts are molded in gray.

  • 1 Large rooftop air conditioner
  • 1 Medium rooftop air conditioner
  • 1 Small rooftop air conditioner
  • 2 Small swamp coolers
  • 1 Motorized blower
  • 4 Cyclone vents
  • 4 Short monitor vents with round base
  • 3 Tall monitor vents with flanged stack
  • 2 Capped exhaust stacks
  • 3 Motorized vents
  • 3 Wind direction vent-intakes
  • 3 Angled exhaust-Intake ducts
  • 4 Short T-style exhaust stacks
  • 5 tall smokejacks with caps
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