HO Metal Wheelsets – PROTO 2000(TM) — 33″ Ribbed Back pkg(12)


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Metal Wheelsets – PROTO 2000(TM)
WalthersProto #21259
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33″ Ribbed Back pkg(12)
Walthers Part # 920-21259
HO scale, sold out at WalthersMetal Wheelsets Offer Exceptional Realism and ReliabilityPROTO 2000 metal wheelsets are ideal for adding an extra level of reliability and authenticity to your HO Scale cars. These nonmagnetic wheels feature an RP-25 profile for operation on Code 70 and larger rail. Needlepoint axles allow a good, low-friction fit into most truck sideframes. Like the prototype, the wheels have cast manufacturer lettering on the outside and a smooth back profile.

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