HO Flexible Self-Adhesive Paved Roadway — Vintage and Modern No Passing Zone (double yellow centerline, white edge)

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Flexible Self-Adhesive Paved Roadway
Walthers SceneMaster #1252
UPC: 616374146765

Vintage and Modern No Passing Zone (double yellow centerline, white edge)
Walthers Part # 949-1252
HO scale

Pave HO Scale roads, streets and highways quickly and easily with Walthers SceneMaster Flexible Self-Adhesive Paved Roadway sets! Made from a unique flexible material that’s self-adhesive, simply combine straight sections, and curves, or cut to fit and press in place. Each features a realistic surface color, as well as appropriately colored centerlines and “fog lines” along the outside edge of the pavement for modern or vintage paved roadways.

  • Model North American roads in minutes
  • Realistic surface color with correct striping for US roads in various eras
  • Ready to use, self adhesive and flexible – easy to add to new or existing scenery
  • Mix and match with curved sections

Features correct double solid yellow centerlines with white edge markings, use in modern or vintage scenes. Measures: 3-1/8 x 78-3/4″ 7.9 x 200cm.

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