HO – EMD SD40T-2 New England Central RR – NECR #3317 (DCC + Sound) ***deposit for pre-order***

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SD40T-2 with DCC + Sound
Intermountain Railway Company #49427S-03

New England Central RR – NECR #3317 (Genessee & Wyoming family scheme orange / black / yellow)
HO scale
Walthers Part # 85-4942703S

The SD40T-2 was built between April 1974 and July 1980 by EMD. The locomotives were equipped with a 16cyl 645E3 prime mover capable of 3000 horsepower. Called “Tunnel Motor” because of a cooling system modification over the SD40-2 to move the radiator intakes along the deck. This allowed for better engine cooling in tunnels.

In the early 2000’s, some were retired, while others were sold off to various short line railroads (or other countries) and are still in service today. By 2008, none were left on the Union Pacific in DRGW or SP reporting marks. The last Rio Grande unit, DRGW 5371, still in Rio Grande paint, was retired in March 2008 and placed on display at the Utah State Railroad Museum in Ogden, UT.

This locomotive features “ALL NEW” tooling, see-through radiator grilles, wire and etched metal details, walkway tread, DRGW and SP specific details, LED lighting, Kadee® metal couplers, and more!

-All are Ready-to-Run. Some details may be included for installation by the modeler.

  • This unit has high mounted ditch lights.

-Non-Sound are equipped with an ESU® LokPilot® DCC decoder.
-Sound units are equipped with an ESU® LokSound® 5 DCC decoder. Sounds are recorded from the prototype for superior quality and accuracy.

-DC only customers may reserve models with a dealer as “DC only”. Note that some lighting functions may not operate correctly or at all when a locomotive is converted to DC only.
DC only locomotives are non-sound only.

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