HO – Budd Streamlined 46-Seat Coach — Canadian Pacific – No # *USED*

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Budd Streamlined 46-Seat Coach Ready to Run
Walthers Rolling Stock #6309
UPC: 616374016662

Canadian Pacific
Walthers Part # 932-6309
HO scale,

*** Used ***  C-9 : Like new condition.  Run true and smooth.  Only a bit of ware on the wheels.  I did not noticed any scratches.  Include original : extra decals for numbering + papers + box.  DCC lighting kit installed and working !!!  

All-New Tooling – First Time in Plastic Fully-Assembled, Ready for Service As-Built & Amtrak Versions Full Interiors Flush-Fitting Windows Prototypical Side Skirting Wire Grab Irons Removable Roof with Separate Details Working Diaphragms Complete Underbody Detail Diecast GSC Commonwealth Trucks with RP-25 Metal Wheels Swinging Drawbars Improve Performance on Curves Correct Prototype Length Factory-Installed Electrical Pickups Snap-In Interior Lighting Kit Available Separately Numberboard Decals Working Knuckle Couplers (Optional horn-hook couplers also included)

Treat passengers to spacious comfort and beautiful scenery along your railroad with these authentic HO Scale models of the Budd 46-Seat Coach. While the prototypes were fitted with 48 seats, two were usually reserved for the train crew, so that 46 paying passengers were carried.

Your Walthers model is a fitting tribute to these legendary cars. As the prototypes were modified over time, the models are offered in both As-Built and Amtrak versions with specific details and ends appropriate to the era. Each ready-to-run model is complete with a full interior, flush-fitting windows, wire grab irons, a removable roof with separate details, working diaphragms and a complete underbody featuring diecast GSC Commonwealth trucks with RP-25 metal wheels. Walthers swinging drawbar system is standard equipment on all models to improve operation on small or large curves. Working knuckle couplers and optional horn-hook couplers are also included. Electrical pickups are already installed, which allows easy installation of the snap-in Interior Lighting Kit (#933-1049, sold separately) if desired. For longer trains or a larger fleet of cars, numberboard decals are also provided.

PLEASE NOTE: As these cars are the correct prototype length and feature full underbody detail to match the prototypes, a minimum 24″ radius is recommended for operation.

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