HO Budd RDC-2 Phase 2 – Sound & DCC — Boston & Maine 6213

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Boston & Maine 6213 (stainless, white, blue, McGinnis Logo)

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Budd RDC-2 Phase 2 – Sound & DCC
Rapido Trains Inc #16614
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Boston & Maine 6213 (stainless, white, blue, McGinnis Logo)
HO scale

Our HO Scale Model Features:

  • Designed from 3D scans of the real RDCs (Phase 1 and Phase 2)
  • Accurate Phase 1 and Phase 2 details and fluting
  • Correct Phase 1b, Phase 1c and Phase 2 roof blisters
  • Numerous American and Canadian paint schemes
  • Rapido’s acclaimed “stainless steel” finish
  • Full interior detail with constant lighting and no motor visible through the windows
  • Two five-pole, skew-wound motors hidden in the actual engine bays
  • Crazy amount of underbody detail
  • Separate underframe piping and conduit
  • Lit number boards and class lights
  • Working nose door Gyralite and ditch lights where appropriate
  • Fabricated or cast truck sideframes, as appropriate
  • Minimum Radius 18″
  • All wheels powered
  • Separate grab irons and front door chains
  • Etched-metal roof grills and fan covers
  • Wrap-around nose fluting, if appropriate
  • Separate diaphragms, if appropriate
  • Loads of roadname-specific details
  • DC Silent or DC/DCC/Sound
  • Models will have either Detroit or Cummins engine sounds as appropriate.
  • Models will have standard bell or E-bell as appropriate.
  • Rapido RDC Underframe with CRAZY underbody detail – a Rapido hallmark.

The Budd RDC (Rail Diesel Car) was a hugely popular passenger car and locomotive in one, purchased in large quantities in the 1950s by railroads eager to reduce the losses from offering passenger services. Economical to purchase and operate, the RDC was a huge success. There are still RDCs in mainline service today.

The RDC-1 was the most common RDC, with a massive seating capacity of 90 passengers. Rapido saved a real RDC-1 from the scrapper and is currently restoring it. You can read more about that by clicking here.

The RDC-2 contained a 17-foot baggage section followed by a coach section with seating for 70 passengers. It contained a common toilet at the end of the passenger section. The baggage section had a 4-foot wide door on each side.

If you haven’t seen our RDC models in person, I recommend you ask your modelling buddies if they have one you can see. They need to be seen to believed.

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