HO – BRASS – Selkirk T-1c 2-10-4 – QSI sound – Canadian Pacific (CPR) #5933


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HO scale – Brass with DCC – QSI Sound

Many steam locomotives are awe inspiring, having so much mechanical action, sound and visual impact. Who could deny the pure power of a Big Boy or a Challenger? The majesty with which these marvels of their time performed is unmatched by modern diesels.

While lesser known to the general public, the Selkirk steam locomotives built by Montreal Locomotive Works are perhaps even more impressive. Built for Canadian Pacific starting in 1929, these 2-10-4’s were big, weighing in at as much as 340 metric tons. Sometimes referred to as the “Texas Engine”, everything about them was oversized to do the job they were meant for.

That job was to conquer the rugged and unforgiving slopes of the Selkirk Mountains between Calgary and Revelstoke. And while they did not pull the heaviest load of any steam locomotive, they worked where no other steam locomotive could have survived. The Selkirk was the largest workhorse of the Canadian Pacific on the western mountain slopes, and was the largest non-articulated locomotive in the British Empire. They were used in a variety of roles including freight, passenger and helper service. 

Montreal Locomotive Works built 36 Selkirks between 1929 and 1949. Perhaps the most uniquely Canadian steam locomotive, they featured many design features and modifications that allowed them to excel in their environment. So well matched to the task they were designed for, they held off early diesels for years. Even when diesels finally overtook them and most were taken out of service, there was still a need for the Selkirk.

Canadian Pacific kept five in service, these were 5931, 5932, 5933, 5934, and 5935.  They were assigned to the Brooks, Alberta and Maple Creek, Saskatchewan subdivisions between Calgary and Swift Current, Saskatchewan.  They also hauled freight north of Alyth Terminal (their new home) in Calgary, going as far as Edmonton. These last five remained in service until 1959.

The road numbers they are offering are the last of the great T1 engines operated by Canadian Pacific in the west.  The “Calgary” engine, #5931, is on show there, and the “Quebec” engine, #5935, is on show where it was manufactured, in Quebec. All other locomotives have been lost to the winds of time.

Sunset Models has a very limited number of these units available again. These have gone quickly when made in the past. So, if you have missed these in the past, now is your chance to get one of these great locomotives.


  • All Brass Construction
  • 30″ Radius Track Proven
  • Sprung Drivers
  • Available With QSI Quantum Sound (DC or DCC)
  • Speakers Installed with Resonators (No Sound Problems This Time)
  • Precision Canon Motors with Coasting Flywheel
  • Fully Detailed Backhead
  • Glazed Windows
  • Prototypical Painting and Lettering

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