HO 60′ P-S Double-Door Auto Parts Boxcar — Grand Trunk Western #306264

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Walthers Rolling Stock
60′ P-S Double-Door Auto Parts Boxcar – Ready to Run – Platinum Line(TM)
Walthers Rolling Stock #42254
UPC: 616374092659

Grand Trunk Western #306264 (blue, Good Track Road Logo)
Walthers Part # 932-42254
HO scale, sold out at Walthers

* Factory-Installed Grab Irons

* RP-25 Metal Wheels

* Proto MAX(TM) Metal Knuckle Couplers

Many of the basic Pullman-Standard 60′ auto parts box cars were equipped with a pair of 8′ doors to create a wider opening forklifts. These cars were often used to carry heavy parts such as transmissions, engine blocks, or brake drums in special handling baskets. Many are still in this service today.

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