HO 59′ Cylindrical Hopper, Round Hatches – Ready to Run — Canadian National #377875 (Environmental Mode Logo)

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59′ Cylindrical Hopper, Round Hatches – Ready to Run
WalthersMainline #7331
UPC: 616374147038
Canadian National #377875 (gray, red, green; Environmental Mode Logo)
Walthers Part # 910-7331
HO scale, sold out at WalthersMoving grain and a variety of other bulk loads, these colorful WalthersMainline models of the popular 59′ Cylindrical Hopper make it easy to model a complete unit train! Introduced in 1972 to handle grain and potash, the cars are based on prototypes built by National Steel Car with a capacity of 4550 cubic feet of cargo. They’ve worn a wide range of colorful paint and lettering schemes over the years, 59′ Cylindrical Hoppers can still be found all across North America today.

  • Nicely detailed, fully assembled and affordably priced to make it easy to expand your fleet, WalthersMainline 59′ Cylindrical Hoppers feature:
  • Limited Edition – one time run of these roadnumbers!
  • Model of a National Steel Car 4550 cubic foot car
  • Fully assembled, ready to run
  • Thousands used in North American grain and potash service from 1972 to the present
  • Trough or round loading hatches as appropriate
  • Four different car numbers for each roadname
  • See-through running boards
  • Detailed brake gear, roof hatches and end ladders
  • Correct 36″ turned-metal wheelsets
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers

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