HO 50′ Airslide(R) Covered Hopper – Ready to Run — GACX #56354

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Walthers Rolling Stock
Gold Line(TM) 50′ Airslide(R) Covered Hopper – Ready to Run
Walthers Rolling Stock #3724
UPC: 616374034567

GACX #56354 (Baby Blue)
Walthers Part # 932-3724
HO scale, sold out at WalthersIntroduced in the 1960s, these models are accurate replicas of the specialized Airslide(R) Covered Hoppers used to haul all types of powdered materials. The prototypes are fitted with a special interior fabric lining and pressurization inlets that allow compressed air to be blown through the load for faster unloading.This HO Scale Gold Line freight car comes fully assembled and includes a complete set of add-on wire grab irons; molded drill starter points on the body simplify installation. McHenry(R) near-scale working knuckle couplers and free-rolling trucks with RP-25 metal wheelsets round out each car.

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Dimensions 26 × 10 × 4 cm