90-Degree Clamps — For HO Scale pkg(2)


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90-Degree Clamps
Rite-Way #10090

For HO Scale pkg(2)
A scale

Build perfect 90x corners on kits or scratchbuilt models every time with the Rite-Way Clamping System. These handy clamps, ideal for Z, N and HO models, are made of tough acrylic and feature a positive stop for perfect edge alignment. Each is temporarily held in place by powerful built-in magnets exerting up to 14 pounds of force, and clamps can be removed quickly and easily simply by pulling them apart. Just set the larger clamp on the outside, place the smaller half on the inside, align the parts, and glue to finish assembly -built-in access windows allow you to glue an entire seam without removing the clamps! Stabilizer bars are also provided to support a work in progress too. Each is made of clear acrylic so you can see and inspect your work at any time. Perfect for use with common modeling materials, they can be used with balsa, styrene, basswood, plastic and more up to 1/4″ thick.

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