New Brekina HO Announcements Include Peterbilt 281 “Needlenose” Semi Tractor

Brekina has announced a great surprise for HO modelers and vehicle collectors – a newly tooled Peterbilt 281 “Needlenose” Semi Tractor! It’s based on semi tractors introduced in 1954/1955 making it perfect for 1950s to early 2000s modelers. It received its “Needlenose” monicker because it was a favorite with truckers thanks to its butterfly hood which allowed easy engine access. The 281 featured one drive axle and its older sibling 351 featured two drive axles. Production lasted into 1976. For movie vehicle fans, a Peterbilt 281 was a star in the movie “Duel.” This newly tooled model is one of several new product announcements to be seen Click Here. Modelers love the fine detailing and great decoration of Brekina HO. The recent delivery of new Kenworth tractors sold out instantly and this new Peterbilt will likely be a hot commodity, so preorder plenty NOW!

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