Morning Sun book : Winter-Spring 2021 Hardcovers

Canadian Pacific Power In Color Volume 1: Switchers<br><i><small>April 1, 2021 Release</small></i>
Kicking off a multi-volume look at motive power on the Canadian private carrier that grew from a Canada-only operation to a North American Class 1 railroad. This volume covers the entire fleet of CP switchers from the 44-ton Diesel-Hydraulics built by CLC to the two EMD SW1500s, plus a chapter on odds and ends!
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Boston and Maine In Color Volume 4: Through the Years<br><i><small>January 5, 2021 Release</small></i>
Tracing its roots to the early 1830s, the Boston & Maine is one of America’s oldest railroads, assembled from over 150 small lines. The book features the B&M’s history and discusses the many improvements such as Hoosac Tunnel, Boston North Station terminal complex, East Deerfield Yard, and early dieselization. The principal routes are featured in striking color spanning the 1930s through the present!
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Canadian National Power In Color Volume 2: First Generation MLW and CLC Roadswitchers<br><i><small>February 1, 2021 Release</small></i>
Continuing the coverage of the Canadian National’s locomotive fleet, the standard and rare models rostered are featured! Coverage includes the CLC H12-64, H16-44 and the lone H24-66 as well as MLW models RSC-13, -14, and -24, RS-3, -10, and -18 with a special section covering the TEMPO RS-18s!
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