Iconic Replicas updates

Voici la dernière mise à jour des délais de livraison des autobus Iconic Replicas les plus populaire à ma boutique.  Cliquez ici pour tous les voir.
Here is the latest update of different ETA’s from my most popular Iconic Replicas buses.
Click Here to view them all.
The Eagle 10 : Voyageur & Greyhound are In ! Available to purchase NOW.
The 1966 GM 4107 VOYAGEUR COLONIAL is still expected for Mid-May 2022 (Confirmed!) Better pre-order VERY LIMITED quantity available!
The MCI Classic Transit Bus — STM Montreal – TTC – OC is expected for Mid-August 2022.
The CCF Brill C-44 Transit Bus — STM Montreal is expected for “Late” 2022 (TBA?)